Course Catalog Overview

The Course Catalog is the repository of all learning objects in the system, including online courses, quick courses, events, libraries, tests, materials, and curricula. The Course Catalog enables the administrator to edit the description, associate learning with subjects, competencies, and certification, to create custom emails by learning objects, set availability, pricing and tie Level 1-3 evaluations to learning objects, and more.

All new versions of a training item that are published within the system are added to the Course Catalog as soon as they are created, even if the effective date has not yet occurred. This allows administrators to search and manage all the different versions of a training item. Every training item only has one current version. This is the version with the most recent effective date in the past. The current version is the only version that is searchable and requestable to end users.

Course Catalog - Search

The search functionality may vary depending on whether the new design is enabled.

Download Network Player

The Download Network Player link is only available to administrators with permission to view the network player installer. Click this link to download the course player installation files and proceed with an offline installation of the network player. Note: This option is only available if the Network Player is enabled.

Download Courses

Click the Download button to download the selected courses. Note: The network player download path must be set up on the Set Network Player Download Paths page prior to downloading a course. This button is only available if the following is true:

  • One of the selected courses was tagged as downloadable when it was published via Course Publisher or Course Builder.
  • The user has permission to either update or view the course catalog and permission to download courses. If the user has permission to view the course catalog, they can only download a course from the Search Results page.

When the Download button is clicked, the Download Courses pop-up opens. The pop-up displays all of the courses that are selected on the Search Results page.

Within the Download Courses pop-up, select the courses that you are downloading and click the Download button. This opens the Course Download Wizard. See Network Player - Course Download Wizard.

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