Course Catalog - Evaluations

Evaluations can be associated with training via the Course Catalog. Learners are prompted to complete evaluations after completing the training (unless the evaluation is the Level 2 - Knowledge type), allowing administrators to assess the effectiveness of system training.

Note: This tab is not available for program LOs.

Design Note: An updated interface is available for this page, which can be enabled by administrators in Feature Activation Preferences. With the new design, the functionality of the page is unchanged.

To access the Course Catalog, go to Admin > Tools > Learning > Catalog Management > Course Catalog. Then, search for the LO you want to modify and click the Options drop-down menu next to it. Click the Edit link.

For troubleshooting information regarding Level 1 evaluations: See Troubleshooting Guide - Level 1 Evaluations.See Troubleshooting Guide - Level 1 Evaluations.

Activate Evaluation

To activate an evaluation for a training item:

  1. Click the Evaluations tab.
  2. Active - Select this option to activate an evaluation.
  3. Required - Select this option to make the evaluation required. Note: Evaluations that are set as Required in the Course Catalog will display a Pending Evaluation status on the User Transcript after completion of the associated training. Learners will not receive credit for the course in a curriculum or certification, or satisfy a requirement until the evaluation is completed or expired.
  4. Include Pre-Training - Select this option to include a pre-test for Level 2 evaluations or a pre evaluation for Level 2.
  5. Preview - Click this option to preview the evaluation as an end user.
  6. Select Custom - Click this icon to select a custom evaluation.
  7. Restore Default icon - Click this option to replace a custom evaluation with the default evaluation.
  8. Click Save.

Helpful Hints - Editing Evaluations

  • Evaluations can only be edited if they have not been started by a user. Once any users completes that evaluation for any learning object it is tied to, the evaluation cannot be edited.
  • If the evaluation for a learning object is changed, the evaluation report will display all the questions from both the old and the new evaluations. The number of responses for each question will help indicate what was on the old evaluation and what is on the new one.

Helpful Hints - Attaching Evaluations

  • Attaching a Level 1 evaluation to a learning object that previously had no evaluation and if set as not required will display the Evaluate link and allow users to complete the evaluation who have currently have the course on their transcript in a Completed status. If the evaluation is set to required for that learning object, then users in a Completed status will not have the Evaluate link because their status will not change back to Pending Evaluation.
  • If you attach a different evaluation to a learning object that previously had an evaluation, then the users who completed the old evaluation will not be able to complete the new evaluation. If the users did not complete the original evaluation they will see the new evaluation when they click on the Evaluate link.
  • The default evaluation will appear for all new learning objects created in that learning type.
  • Changing the default evaluation will not change evaluations already associated to learning objects.