Course Catalog - Emails

The Emails tab enables administrators to configure and customize the emails for the learning object (LO). However, when customizing the emails for an event, the customized emails only apply to new sessions that are created for the event; existing sessions are unaffected. The emails for an event can only be configured in Email Administration.

Note: This tab is not available for program LOs.

To access the Course Catalog, go to Admin > Tools > Learning > Catalog Management > Course Catalog. Then, search for the LO you want to modify and click the Options drop-down menu next to it. Click the Edit link.

Emails can be customized for individual Learning Objects. This feature offers the ability to customize emails for Learning Objects, or use the System Defaults from the Email Administration page.

  1. Search for Learning Objects in Course Catalog.
  2. To edit an individual learning object, click the Edit icon to the left of the learning object.
  3. Click Emails link
  4. System Defaults - By default, all existing and new learning objects will have the System Defaults radio button checked. If checked;
    • All emails related to this learning object type will be triggered based on the active email templates in Email Administration.
    • Changes made to the email templates in Email Administration will apply to emails that have not yet been queued.
    • See Email Administration.
  5. Custom emails - Click the Custom Email radio button to customize emails to this learning object. By default, triggers related to the selected training will be copied from the main email administration area. All emails related to this training will be sent based on the custom templates setup.
    • If an Email Trigger is not available in the Custom Email area, it will still fire (if set to do so) from the main Email Administration area.
    • Changes made to the custom training emails will only apply to emails that have not yet been queued.
    • Both active and inactive templates will be copied down. Only the active email templates will fire in relation to this training request.
    • The Custom Emails area will not display until this option is selected. These emails may then be edited, added or deleted as desired.
    • Future training related emails will fire appropriately based on the settings and templates created within the Custom Email selection
  6. For more information on creating emails, See - Create New Email.

Troubleshooting Information

The following pages contain troubleshooting guides for using emails: