Course Catalog Search - Old

To access the Course Catalog, go to Admin > Tools > Learning > Catalog Management > Course Catalog. Then, search for the LO you want to modify and click the Options drop-down menu next to it. Click the Edit link.

  1. Set appropriate filters to search for learning objects:
  2. Click Search to search Course Catalog with the selected criteria.
Search Criteria Description
Training Type Check training types to search for Online Class, Event, Quick Course, Curriculum, Library, Test, and Material.
Provider Select from the drop-down or search All Providers. The providers that appear in the pop-up are active providers as set under Admin > Catalog Management > Training Providers.
Title Enter search terms to search course titles or keywords associated with learning objects.
Description Enter search terms to search course descriptions.
Language Select a language to search for learning associated with that language. At least one language must be selected. When multiple languages are selected, the search returns LOs that match one of the selected languages as well as the other search criteria. At the top of the drop-down list, all selected languages are displayed. The drop-down list only displays the languages that are available to the user. Select the All Languages option to select all available languages.
Skill Click to select a skill to search for learning objects associated with that skill.
Subject Click to select a subject and search for learning objects associated with a that subject. If the selected subject is a child subject, then the entire hierarchy is displayed.
Date Added to the Catalog Select date from calendar to search based on the date the learning object was added to the system.
Availability Criteria

Select from the drop-down.

  • The drop-down contains the following OUs: Division, Position, Grade, Cost Center, Location, Group, Self Registration Group and Users
  • Click search to select the desired OU
  • Enter Name, ID, or Owner to search for a particular OU
  • Click Search button to search by the OU information specified
  • Click Add icon to add the desired OU to the Search

Select or deselect the following display options:

  • Include Inactive Training
  • Current Version/All Versions
  • Show only courses that allow recurrence
  • Show only downloadable courses - Select this option to only include in the search results courses that can be downloaded. This option is unselected by default. Note: This option is only available if the Network Player is enabled.

Search Results

The following information is displayed for each item in the search results:

  • Title
  • Provider
  • Type
  • Version
  • Language(s)
  • Licenses Available/Total - This displays the number of licenses that are available for the item as well as the total number of licenses (used and unused). If the item has an unlimited number of licenses, then "N/A" is displayed.
  • Date Added - This displays the date on which the item was added to Course Catalog.
  • Date Modified - This displays the date on which the item was most recently modified via Course Catalog or updated via another tool (e.g., Course Publisher, Test Engine).
  • Modified By - This displays the user who most recently edited item within Course Catalog.
  • Notification - This column is only displayed if the Network Player is enabled. This column displays a Warning icon if the online version of the course is out of sync with the downloaded version of the course. Users can hover the mouse over the icon to view the details of this notification. The locations that are displayed are specific to the user that is logged in to the system. The user can click the warning message to open the Network Download Wizard. The Warning icon appears if new course files are uploaded or if the course is modified in Course Publisher or Course Builder.

Edit Items

To edit an individual learning object, click the Edit icon to the left of the learning object.

To edit multiple learning objects in search results simultaneously, select each of the appropriate LOs and click the Edit Selected button at the bottom of the page. The Edit Selected option is only visible if the Enable Enhanced Search checkbox is unselected. Note: When editing multiple learning objects simultaneously you are not able to view the existing availability because the selected learning objects could contain several different availability settings.See Batch Edit Course Catalog Items.

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