Batch Edit Course Catalog Items

From the Course Catalog, the administrator can edit multiple learning objects at once using the Batch Edit feature.

Design Note: An updated interface is available for this page, which can be enabled by administrators in Feature Activation Preferences. With the new design, the functionality of the page is unchanged.

To batch edit training using the Course Catalog, go to Admin > Tools > Learning > Catalog Management > Course Catalog.

Batch Edit

To batch edit items in the course catalog, follow these steps:

  1. Select the checkboxes next to the appropriate learning objects on the Course Catalog Search page and click Edit Selected button at the bottom of the page when all items have been selected.
  2. The following items can be edited using batch edit functionality:
  3. Click the link for the item you want to edit in bulk for all the training items you have selected.
  4. Click the Submit button when you are finished making edits. The edits you made will be applied to all the training items you selected during the bulk edit process.