Coupons Overview

Coupon Codes allow administrators to create single use or multiple use coupons, which provide a discounted price on learning objects to users. Coupon codes may have a start date and an expiration date.Once coupons are created, they can then be distributed by an organization through marketing emails outside of the system. Users then apply them to their order on the Review step of the checkout process.

Coupons are available for use with all LO types, but cannot be used with Knowledge Bank or Connect postings. With ILT events, coupon codes are available at both the event and session level. Currently, coupon codes cannot be used with training unit purchases. Coupon codes are unique, so if 100 single use coupons are created, 100 unique coupon codes are generated. Because each coupon code is unique, there is no availability set for a coupon.

Coupons are available within the Extended Enterprise module. To enable coupon functionality for your portal, contact Global Customer Support.

To access coupon functionality, go to Admin > Tools > Learning > E-Commerce > Coupons.


When multiple coupons are used, coupons are applied in the order in which they are added to the order. Also, only one coupon can be applied to an item. The following example demonstrates how these rules work together.

In both scenarios, a user has three items in their shopping cart and they have two coupons:

  • Item 1 is from Provider A
  • Item 2 and 3 are from Provider B.
  • Coupon X is for $5 off any one Provider A learning object.
  • Coupon Y is for 15% off an entire order.

Scenario 1: The user applies Coupon X, which discounts Item 1 by $5 because it is from Provider A. The user then applies Coupon Y, which discounts Item 2 and 3 by 15%. Item 1 is not discounted by 15% because an item cannot have two coupons applied to it and Coupon X was applied first.

Scenario 2: The user applies Coupon Y, which discounts Item 1, 2, and 3 by 15% because the coupon applies to an entire order. The user then applies Coupon X, which does not discount any item. Item 1 is not discounted further because an item cannot have two coupons applied to it and Coupon Y was applied first.

Business Rules

  • If an administrator creates 10,000 coupons and then reduces the number of coupons to 5,000, the removed coupons have a status of Void and cannot be used. If these coupons are distributed for use, the administrator should contact those users to inform them the coupon is no longer valid. It is strongly recommended that you do not reduce the number of coupons after the coupon codes are generated.
  • If a coupon is applied that exceeds the total amount due, the total amount due is reduced to zero.
  • All coupon prefixes and codes must be unique.
  • If multiple currencies are in use on your portal, the coupon amount will be converted for users purchasing in other currencies based on the established currency conversion rate.

Coupon Statuses

The following statuses are available for coupons:

Status Definition
Not Started The coupon will be available at a future date.
Started The coupon is active.
Inactive The coupon is set as inactive.
Expired The coupon expiration date is past.