Check-Ins - Edit a Template

Use the Edit a Check-Ins Template page to make changes to templates. You can perform the following tasks:

To access the Edit a Check-Ins Template page, go to ADMIN > TOOLS > PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT > Check-Ins templates. Select the ellipses, and then select Edit.

Lock This Template

Click Lock this Template to lock the selected template. Locking a template prevents end-users from editing it. If a template is locked, and the end-user uses it to create a discussion, managers and users cannot edit the following information:

  • Template Title
  • Template Description
  • Meeting Frequency
  • Topics

Uncheck the checkbox to unlock this template and make it available for end-user changes.

Template Title/Template Description

  • Edit a title for this template. You can enter up to 200 characters.This is a required field.
  • Edit a description for this template. You can enter up to 1000 characters. This is an optional field.

Meeting Frequency

Edit the default meeting frequency that you want to use for this template. Options are:

  • As Needed
  • Weekly
  • Biweekly
  • Monthly
  • Quarter

The meeting frequency that you select determines the default meeting schedule for this discussion. For example, when a manager or user creates a new check-in discussion that has a meeting frequency of weekly, each time the New Meeting button is clicked on the meeting and topics page, the next meeting date is automatically scheduled for a week later. See Check-Ins - Manage Topics .


You can add several topics to a discussion, but there must be at least one topic with guiding text per template.

Complete the following options:

  • Topic - Add a title for this guiding topic. You can enter up to 200 characters.
  • Guiding Text - Add a question or comment to guide the check-in for this topic. You can enter up to 1000 characters.

Add Topic

Click the Add Topic button to add additional topics and guiding text. Administrators can add or delete topics at any time.

Reorder Topics

When there is more than one topic in a check-in, administrators can reorder the topics by selecting the up and down arrows below the Guiding Text fields.

Delete a Topic

Click the Trash Can icon to delete that topic from the template.


Select one of the following options to define who can use this template when creating a check-in discussion:

  • All Users - Select this option to make this template available to all users.
  • Custom - Select this option to set availability for specific users or by OU criteria. When you select this option, a Select OU Criteria button appears. Click this button to select the appropriate options, and then click Save.

Make Template Active

Select the Make Template Active option to make this template available to the selected end-users. If checked, this option appears on the Active tab on the manager/user's Check-Ins Templates page. If not checked, this template appears on the Inactive tab on the Check-Ins Templates page and is not visible to end-users. See Check-Ins - Manage Templates.

Localize a Template

Click the globe icon to localize fields on the template. You can only localize fields that have a globe icon.

All administrators can see the global icon, open the localization flyout, and update any language

Save/Cancel Buttons

  • Click the Save button to save changes.
  • Click the Cancel button to cancel changes.


After a template is saved:

  • Any administrator in the default language/culture can update the template fields directly on the edit page.
  • Any administrator not in the default language/culture can only read the fields on the edit page.