Span of Control - Segments

The Span of Control segments page displays two different charts:

  • Segment Data
  • Medians of Portals

In addition to the charts described on this page, each metric's Segments page allows you to view and configure verticals and view metric details. See Benchmark Segments Overview.

To access the Span of Control segments page, go to Admin > Tools > Benchmark and click the Span of Control report widget.

Segment Data

The Segment Data chart displays the median number of direct reports for each segment. The four major sections of the chart, divided by dotted lines, are the quartile groups of the distribution. The stripe through the middle of the chart is the Scale Break. The Scale Break appears when the values on the Y-axis are increasing, denoting a break in continuity. The circle at the top of the chart displays the Outlier Max Value, which is the highest value for the segment. For Span of Control example, it would be the highest number of direct reports one employee has, in one organization.

Medians of Portals

The Medians of Portals chart provides helpful data when there are portals which have the potential to skew the Segment Data chart. For example, if one of the five portals in a segment has many more direct reports per user and far more users than the other four portals in the segment, it may help to evaluate the Medians of Portals for that segment and avoid a potentially skewed distribution. To avoid potentially skewed data, the Medians of Portals chart uses the median spans of each portal, rather than the spans of all managers in the entire segment.