Onboarding Product Page

The Onboarding page includes links to configure settings to effectively onboard new employees and help them achieve productivity faster. Administrators can also manage settings to welcome new hires and set the stage for developing them to their fullest potential.

The visibility of this page and the links on the page are dependent upon the functionality that is available for the portal and the administrator's permissions. The permissions associated with each functionality vary based on the access requirements of the functionality. If the administrator does not have permission to access a functionality, then the link to the functionality does not display. If the administrator does not have permission to access any of the functionality on the product page, then the product page link does not display on the Configuration Tools page.

For portals with multiple languages enabled, the links in the user's language.

The following links are available, depending on the portal's configuration and the administrator's security permissions:

Configuration Links Configuration Link Action
Navigation Tabs and Links Extensions Click this link to open the Navigation Tabs & Links Extensions page.
Onboarding Workflows Click this link to open the Onboarding Workflows page.