What's New for the 9 October 2020 Patch Release

The following is released along with the 9 October 2020 patch release:

Module Feature Description
Careers/Performance Ability to Cancel Goals via Goals API

With this enhancement, the Goals API is updated with the ability to Cancel Goals.

When this API is called, it will reflect the goal as "Cancelled" when viewed in the client’s portal.

This enhancement applies to the Goals API when used with Careers and Performance.

Core Workday Core Data Inbound Integration Enhancements

The following enhancements are now available for the Workday Core Data Inbound Integration:

  • Validate the Eligibility Criteria data and organizational unit (OU) settings upon saving the page and before the sync runs. If invalid data is detected, an error message will either be displayed on the Settings page or included in the sync summary email notification.
  • Allow contingent workers to sync into Cornerstone on their hire date or one week prior to their hire date, depending on the defined setup on the Settings page.
  • If Job Family Group is not used in Workday, the integration now prevents parent position OUs from being deactivated if it has at least one active child position OU.
  • Validation checks are no longer performed on inactive users; in the email log, inactive users are flagged as "Skipped."