What's New for the 26 June 2020 Patch Release

The following is released along with the 26 June 2020 patch release:

Module Feature Description
Core Edge Import Learning Load Enhancements

With this enhancement, organizations can now have an instructor associated with multiple providers or vendors in a single instructor load file. This is achieved by listing multiple providers or vendors separated by a semicolon.

With this enhancement, the Online Course and the Online Course Transcript loads are enhanced to support xAPI courses.

  • The Online Course load is enhanced to allow organizations to update the metadata of xAPI courses that already exist in the portal.
  • The Online Course Transcript load is enhanced to allow organizations to import transcript updates for xAPI courses.
  • The Online Course Transcript Custom Field load is enhanced to accept xAPI course ID/LOIDs.
Core Kronos WFR Core Data Inbound Integration - Support for Jobs (HR) Cost Center

With this enhancement, organizations using the Kronos Workforce Ready (WFR) Core Data Inbound Integration in Edge can pass their Kronos Jobs (HR) cost center data into Cornerstone via the integration. The Jobs (HR) cost center data is passed into Cornerstone as organizational unit (OU) data. The Jobs (HR) cost center can be mapped to a standard or custom OU in Cornerstone.

If the Visible checkbox for the Jobs (HR) cost center is NOT selected, then the corresponding OU type in Cornerstone is deactivated.

Cornerstone HR e-days Absence Management Integration Enhancements The following enhancements are now available for the "e-days Absence Management Integration" in Edge:
  • Syncing of custom OU type data to e-days is now supported.
  • A new log is added to the email notification which lists the records that have been processed through the integration.
  • The modified settings page layout is updated for ease-of-use.
Recruiting Updated Voluntary Self-Identification of Disability Compliance Question With this enhancement, the "Voluntary Self-Identification of Disability" compliance question is updated to the new expiration date of 31 May 2023. This update is made in the Compliance Question Bank and is also updated for Compliance Enablement Preferences.