Performance Review Directions and Instructions Tailored to Audience

With this release, administrators can add specific, customized performance review instructions and form section instructions based on the user's assigned role. Users can now see instructions/directions customized for their role to help them navigate successfully through the process.

If no customized instructions are provided, the default instructions are provided to all users.

Any personalized instructions/directions can be removed.

Performance Review Task, General Tab, Instructions

Review Section Page, Directions Section

To add customized instructions/directions:

  1. In the Instruction or Directions section, select Add custom instructions or Add custom directions. A Custom tab and the Relation drop-down appear.
  2. From the Relation drop-down, select the applicable role. Only those who are eligible to be assigned the review task appear in this list.
  3. Type the customized information in the box.

The selected Relation now appears as a tab that displays the customized instructions.

Note: Once a Relation is selected and the instructions are created and saved, that relation is displayed in disabled mode and appears in active state once the relation is removed from the custom tab. If custom directions or instructions are set up for all available relations, the Add Custom Instructions or Add Custom Directions option is no longer visible.

Delete Personalized Instructions/Directions

Users can remove instructions/directions at any time.

To remove personalized instructions/directions:

  1. Select the appropriate relation tab.
  2. Select the Remove icon. The tab and instructions are removed for the selected relation.


  • This enhancement is available for both Legacy Reviews and Task Central.
  • ​For an existing task or form section, the specified instructions or directions will be visible under the 'Default' tab.
  • If an unused form section is edited, it will not increment the version, and changes will be saved. However, if the form section being edited is already used in a task, any further edits will increment the form section's version.
  • The directions in a form can be updated at any time using the 'Rename' functionality. This will not increment the form's version, and changes will be applied to all tasks where the section is being used.
  • Review tasks can be edited to update the instructions only if the task is in 'In-progress' or 'Not Started' status.

Reviews PDF Considerations

  • When a Reviews PDF is fetched, the directions and instructions will be pulled based on the relation: as follows:
  • Print Review: Retrieves the directions/instructions mapped to the relation pulling the PDF. Iif an employee pulls this report they will see the directions that were visible at the time of the review. If a manager pulls this report while reviewing their team, the directions shown to them during the review are displayed.
  • Print Reviewee Version: IDisplays the direction/instruction that was visible to the reviewee at the time of the review.
  • Task Administration: Instruction/direction is pulled from the 'Default' value.
  • Standard Reports: If a relation is specified at the time of fetching the report, the report is pulled accordingly; otherwise, the default instructions/directions are shown.
  • The Performance Review Details Report has instructions and directions mapped for the selected Reviewee.​


This functionality is automatically enabled for all organizations using the Performance module.


The following existing permissions apply to this functionality:

Performance Review Task - Manage Grants ability to assign performance review tasks and manage activity within those tasks. This permission works in conjunction with the Admin Visibility settings for the performance review task. Administrators who have this permission and are within the Admin Visibility settings can view the task, edit the task, add users, and view the task details. However, the admin cannot edit the Admin Visibility settings for the task. This permission can be constrained by OU, User's OU, User Self and Subordinates, and User. The constraints on this permission control which users can be added to the task. Performance - Administration
Performance Review Task Administration Grants ability to create/assign performance review tasks and manage activity within those tasks. This permission also gives the ability to enable and view co-planners for a task from the administration pages. This permission can be constrained by OU, User's OU, User Self and Subordinates, and User. Performance - Administration