Curriculum 2.0 (General Availability) - Feature Breakdown

The Curriculum Player 2.0 (Milestone 5) comes with the following key features:

Inline support for Prerequisites, Pre-works, and Post-works​

  • The Prerequisites, Pre-works, and Post-work of other Child LOs are listed inline within Curriculum Player 2.0 in the form of Cards.
  • Sections are introduced with proper labeling to display the list of Prerequisite, Pre-work, and Post-work LOs.
  • Sequence and Display order is honored.

Inline support for Prerequisites, Pre-works, and Post-works - Events

  • Pre-work, Prerequisites, and Post-work of Session display within the Player.
  • Enable the workflow for handling pre/post tasks within the current flow without navigating to different pages.

Workflow to complete Prerequisites, Pre-work, and Post-work within Curriculum Player 2.0

  • Status gets refreshed upon user action on the card, especially Registered, Pending approval, etc.
  • Without any redirection or opening of a pop-up, the course will play inline within CP2.0.
  • Auto Navigate to play Training when there are multiple LOs as Prerequisites, Pre-works, and Post-works.
  • Ease of Navigation.

Support of Extended Enterprise feature in Curriculum Player 2.0​

  • Display of Child LO Training Price.
  • Redirect to the shopping cart when the user clicks on Register.

Support of External Training in Curriculum Player 2.0​

  • Display of LO Type Free form and External Training within the Player.
  • Embed External Training Instructions within the Player.

Toast Messages for Completion​​

  • Toast message displayed when prerequisite, pre-work, and post-work are completed.
  • LO Metadata on Cards is as follows:
    • Title
    • Duration
    • Thumbnail
    • Due date
    • Ellipse with Primary Action


  • The Curriculum Player 2.0 player is now responsive.
  • The Min and Full Screen are now enhanced to play the content without cutting or cropping.
  • Support of HTML description.