Complete a Skills Assessment

The following changes have been made to the skills assessment experience:

  • The Start page is removed. The general instructions, assessee information, and results visibility are now displayed on the assessment page.
  • The user's previous ratings and targets are displayed below the skill name. A status icon displays whether the user is meeting the proficiency target for the skill.
  • Raters can click the Add Comment option to view the comment box. Previously, this was available as a field below each rating.
  • Raters can rate one or multiple dimensions, such as enjoyment, proficiency, or interest, depending on the assessment configuration.

Users can launch a skills assessment from the following locations:

  • Skills Profile > Complete your profile - All skills
  • Skills Profile > Critical skills widget - All critical skills
  • Skills Profile > Your Skills > Developing tab - All developing skills or individual skills
  • Skills Profile > Your Skills > Declared tab - All declared skills or individual skills
  • People Matrix - Individual skill or all skills in the matrix for the user
  • Skill Details Flyout - Individual skill
  • Compare Skills - Individual skill

Provide a rating

Select the appropriate value from the drop-down to provide a rating for a skill.

Ratings and comments are optional when providing unsolicited feedback.

Add a comment for a rating

When providing feedback, you may have an Add Comment link available. Depending on the administrator settings for the associated rating template, comments may be required or optional. To add a comment, select the Add Comment link, enter your comment in the field, and select Save. The character limit is 5,000.

Ratings and comments are optional when providing unsolicited feedback.

Submit the assessment

After providing your ratings and comments, select Submit.