Candidate Skills Match Enhancements (EA)

With this enhancement, recruiters can:

  • Apply filters to the Matching Score column on the Manage Candidates page.
  • Review relevant previous work experience with parsing disabled.
  • Enable/disable matching score calculations at requisition level.

To use Candidate Skills Match, you must enable it. See Enable Candidate Skills Match.

To access the Manage Candidates page, go to Recruit > Manage Candidates.

Matching Score filters

Prior to this release, there was no way to filter the matching score to determine the top matches.

With this release, recruiters can now select one or more Matching Score filters to identify the best matched applicants.

Parsing dependency removed

Prior to this release, for better scoring, customers had to enable parsing to display previous work experience.

With this release, on the Skills Matching Summary flyout, customers can now see relevant matching scores and previous work history details, even when work experience parsing is disabled for a requisition. The system parses automatically and displays system identified work experience.

Note: When work experience parsing is disabled for a requisition, automatic detection of work experience is done only for applications submitted through a resume.

Enable/disable matching score calculations

With this release, customers can now enable matching score calculations on a requisition by selecting the new Calculate Candidate Matching Score checkbox. Unchecking disables this functionality.

Note: Matching scores are calculated only if this checkbox is checked and Enable Candidate Skills Match is enabled for the primary location OU of the requisition. To enable candidate skills match, go to Admin > Recruit > Compliance Enablement

You can access the Requisition section as follows:

  • When adding a new requisition - Go to RECRUIT > MANAGE REQUISITIONS. Click the Options drop-down, and select Add Requisition.
  • When editing a job requisition - Go to RECRUIT > MANAGE REQUISITIONS. On the Manage Requisition page, select the appropriate item in the Job column to open the Edit Requisition page.


  • Customers who have open requisitions in Location Organizational Units (OUs) where Candidate Skills Match is enabled, will have the Calculate Candidate Matching Score configuration enabled for those requisitions on deployment so that they continue to get Matching score for applications.
  • Matching Score filter will NOT be visible to customers who have Candidate skills match prior to the January 12th patch. The matching score is still calculated, but the filter won't be visible. To view matching score filter, impacted customers can disable and then re enable the candidate skills match feature by going to Admin > Recruit > Feature Activation. Reenablement will NOT impact their existing score data.


This functionality is automatically enabled for all organizations using Candidate Skills Match functionality.


The following existing permissions apply to this functionality:

Applicants - View Candidate Matching Score Grants ability to view a candidate's Matching Score on the Manage Candidates page. This permission is not constrained. Recruiting
Applicants: Add/Move to Requisition

Grants ability to add or move applicants to requisitions the applicant did not apply for. This permission can be constrained by OU, User's OU, and Grade.

Applicants: Comments - Manage

Grants ability to view and manage comments for applicants.

This permission also defines whether comments posted when an interviewer submits an interview recommendation are posted to the Comments section on the Applicant Profile tab. Note: Interview recommendation comments for interviewers who have this permission display on the Applicant Profile tab. For interviewers who do not have this permission, the comments do not display on the Applicant Profile tab.

Applicants: Comments - View Grants ability to view comments for applicants. Recruiting
Applicants: Status Change Grants ability to change applicant status for any applicant to whom the user already has access. This permission cannot be constrained. Recruiting
Requisition: Manage Grants ability to access and manage all requisitions regardless of ownership (constraints permitting). This permission also grants read-only access to the Applicant Review tab when creating or editing a job requisition. This permission can be constrained by OU, User's OU, and Grade. Recruiting
Requisition: Owner

Enables owner to access requisitions and applicants for requisitions for which they are an owner. This permission also grants read-only access to video interviews that are completed by applicants via HireVue. For portals with Referral Suite enabled, this permission also enables requisition owners to edit the referral source on the Applicant Profile page. This permission cannot be constrained.

Note: This is a dynamically assigned permission that is not available in Security Role Administration. If the user is removed as an owner, the permission is revoked for the associated requisition. This permission cannot be manually assigned. Also, if a user has both the permission necessary to manage requisitions and be a requisition owner, the constraints of the Requisition: Manage permission overrule those of the Requisition: Owner permission. For requisition owners that do not also have permission to manage requisitions, only certain fields are editable when editing a requisition.