Shopping Cart Enhancements - New Features

New Cart Flyout - Learner

  • Training items added to the cart will now be accessible on the new Cart Flyout page for subsequent checkout.
  • The Cart Flyout page will present a list of training items added to the cart, including the Training Title, Training Type, Description, Price, Subtotal, and Currency.
  • The Flyout's upper section will display the item quantity in the cart next to "My Cart" and a customizable text. Additionally, it will feature a dropdown option allowing Learners to choose between Currency and Training Units (TUs), provided TUs are activated in the portal.
  • Learners can delete items from the cart using the delete icon and can “Undo” this action if needed. If multiple items are removed, the option to undo will be available for the last item removed from the cart.
  • Learners can proceed to checkout or close the cart using the 'X' icon.

New Cart Flyout - Inventory Manager​

  • Inventory Managers can purchase training in bulk by adjusting the value in the quantity field for the respective item.
  • Inventory Managers can also buy training for themselves and add it to the Cart flyout for further checkout.
  • Any discounts associated with the Cost Center will be displayed at the bottom if applicable and configured.

Empty Cart State​

  • When no items are in the cart, learners will see a message stating, "Your cart is empty.”
  • Learners will be presented with suggested training based on their role at the bottom.
  • The suggested training card will show the Subject, Training Title, Training Type, and Description of the Training recommended.
  • Only two cards will be shown for the suggested recommendations.

Payment Checkout Page

  • When learners are ready to purchase, they can move to the checkout page directly from the Cart Flyout page.
  • At the top of the page, there will be an instruction text for learners.
  • Learners can apply Discounts or Coupons if applicable for the purchase and enter the Coupon Code.
  • Learners can also utilize Training Units (TUs) or Training Unit Key Code if it has been distributed to them by administrators or if they have purchased it to buy Training.
  • The order Summary section will show itemized details for the purchased training and any applicable discounts or TUs if used for purchasing.
  • Learners can submit payment using payment methods such as credit card, purchase order, or PayPal.

Order Confirmation Page - Learner

  • Upon successful purchase, learners can review the Order Details on the Order Confirmation Page.
  • Learners can print or download the Order Details from the confirmation page using the respective links.
  • The page will show Transaction Details and Itemized Order details for the training items purchased.
  • On top of the page below the thank you message, an instruction text will be available for Learners.
  • Learners can visit the transcript page with the link to launch purchased training. (Maximum three training cards in this section).
  • Return Home button will redirect the Learner to the Learner Home Page.
  • Based on the current functionality, Order History will be available for the Learner on the My Account Orders page.

Order Confirmation Page - Inventory Manager

  • Inventory Managers will additionally see the Assign Purchase Inventory section on the Order confirmation Page.
  • A maximum of two cards will be shown in the Assign Inventory section, and it will have a link to go to the Inventory Management Page for assignment to the Learners.
  • Itemization will show all the details, including the quantity of items purchased in bulk.
  • If the Managers will be purchasing training for themselves and the inventory, they will be able to see both the sections - Assign Purchased Inventory and Purchased Training.

Validations and Errors

  • Invalid Quantity – When the Inventory Manager enters the invalid quantity (Maximum quantity supported is 999).
  • Payment Failures: A pop-up is shown in case there are any failures related to payment.
  • Discounts Eligibility: Coupons are not eligible with training unit purchases.

New view vs Old view Switching

  • Once the Shopping Cart is activated, learners can switch between the new UI and the old UI with the help of the ”Switch Now” link.
  • The Switch will not impact the items added to the cart.

Old View

New View

Payment Methods

New Shopping Cart Enhancement will support the following payment methods:

  • Credit Card
    • CyberSource
    • Adyen
    • Stripe
    • NIC Colorado
    • PayPoint
  • PayPal
  • Purchase Order/ Send Bill/ Invoice
  • Training Units Distributed
  • Training Units Key Code

Existing functionality will remain the same for checkout.