Increasing Monitoring Capabilities for Required Training through new Reporting Attributes and a Specific Report

The Required Training Tagging feature brings new reporting attributes. You can include the required training information in the Transcript report. To do that, go to the learner's Transcript page and click Run Training record Report or run transcript report option from the drop-down Action menu.

In the Transcript Report page, select Include Required Training Information and click Run Report. The generated report displays new columns, Required and Requirements. The Required column displays if training is required or not. The Requirements column displays what requirements are covered by the assigned training.

Requirements in Reporting 2.0

The Required Training Tagging introduces five additional fields for Assignment in the Data panel in Reporting 2.0:

  • Assignment Is Set As Required?
  • Assignment Requirement
  • Assignment Requirement ID
  • Assignment Category
  • Assignment Category ID

If you select requirement data in the report, the transcript report becomes a required training transcript report.

New Reporting Fields

field name Section & Sub-Section Field Type (numeric, text, date) Value (if applicable)
Assignment Is Set As Required? Assignment Text Text (Y/N)
Assignment Requirement Assignment​ Text Text
Assignment Requirement ID Assignment Text Text
Assignment Category Assignment​ Text ​ Text
Assignment Category ID Assignment​ Text​ Text
Requirement Assign Date Required Training Date Date
Requirement Category Required Training Text Text
Requirement Category ID Required Training​ Text Text
Requirement Fulfilled Required Training​ Text Text (Y/N)
Requirement ID Required Training​ Text Text
Requirement Title Required Training​ Revert is allowed Text