Required Training Visibility ​on the Transcript, ​Learner Home, and Welcome page​

The Required Training Tagging feature enhances Learner Home, Welcome page, and learner's Transcript.

Learner Home

Transcript view section

The active transcript shows the number of non-completed required trainings. Clicking on the number will redirect the learner to its pre-filtered transcript. The number is not displayed if nothing is under the Required bucket, and the usual Past due, Due soon, and Assigned/No Due Date is shown.

Compliance section

Required training is tagged, and requirements on the registration number are shown.

Welcome Page​

A new widget is available to be configured on the welcome page. This widget mimics the transcript block of the Learner Home and displays the numbers for the following:

  • Required (if not null)
  • Past Due
  • Due Soon
  • Assigned / No Due Date (if no required training is shown)

Learner's Transcript

On the learner's Transcript, sort the training status by using the following filters:

  • Active
  • Required
  • Past due
  • Due soon
  • Assigned/No Due Date

The Filter by Training Requirement lets you filter one or more requirements using categories.

The Training assigned as required is tagged as “Required” on the learner’s transcript. The color of the tag is dependent on the due date status which are:

  • Red - Past due
  • Orange - Due Soon
  • Grey - Assigned/No Due Date

The requirements associated with trainings (overlapping assignments) are all shown.

The requirements on the learner’s transcript are also visible on the Learning details page for the learner.

Requirements are displayed on the following transcript details:​

  • Current registration​
  • Past registrations​
  • Transcript modification history