Manage Requirements and Activate Requirements for use in the Learning Assignment Tool

Activating the Required Training Tagging introduces the following new features under the Learning Preferences page:

  • Activate Requirements for Required Training Assignments
  • Manage Training Requirements

The Manage Training Requirements allows administrators to:

  • Create new requirements and categories
  • Create a requirement and tie it to an existing category
  • Create a requirement and create a new category in the flow
  • Create a new category via the manage categories page
  • Update existing requirements and categories
  • Edit a requirement and provide a localization
  • Deactivate or re-active requirements
  • Delete not-in-use requirements
  • Review the modification history

Creating and managing a requirement

  • To create a requirement, go to Admin > Tools > Learning > Learning Preferences > Manage Training Requirements > Create requirement.
  • In the Create requirement dialog, enter Requirement category and Training requirement description. You can also create new category by going to Manage Training Requirements > Manage requirement categories > Create Category.
  • Turning on the Add Translation toggle translates the Create Requirement texts with available translations in the portal. Turning the toggle off results in your translations getting lost.
  • Click Save.
  • Search for the newly created or existing requirements via the Search option.


Activating a requirement

The Activate Requirements for Required Training Assignments allows administrators to activate training requirements by OU.

  • To activate a requirement, select the checkbox under the Active column for the corresponding requirement. Deactivate a requirement by clearing the box. Active requirements appear in the select requirement flyout when creating or editing a learning assignment in the Learning Assignment Tool.
  • When using the search, enter the keyword you are looking for. Activate or deactivate the requirements you want to add or remove from the availability.
  • After selecting, click Show All to see all the active and inactive requirements.
  • Click Save to save the configuration.