"One Player" Inline Experience supported training

With this Milestone, ‘One Player’ will support materials, online courses, videos, and tests. If training is launched from their Transcript, Learning Details page, or Learner Home, they will be directed to ‘One Player.’​


  • 'One Player’ will display inline PDFs, jpegs, gifs, and supported URLs.
  • If a URL cannot be launched inline due to site restrictions (e.g., domains that block embedding), it will be launched in a new tab.
  • Materials that require a download (docx, xslx) will be downloaded instead of launched in ‘One Player.


  • All supported video formats will be launched in ‘One Player’ (mpg, mpeg, m4v, mp4, YouTube.)
  • ‘One Player’ will support the video auto-complete functionality if enabled.

Online Courses

  • SCORM and AICC courses will be launched in ‘One Player.’
  • If a learner wants the content launched in a full window, we have text at the bottom of the player that will launch in a new tab.
  • For courses that rely on closing the window to trigger a completion, we have an ‘Exit Course’ button that will simulate the course window closing and terminate the session. This should mark the course as completed if all completion criteria are met.


  • Updated UI for task-taking experience.
  • All existing features are compatible.

Continue Learning Modal​

  • Displays after a training is completed.
  • The training displayed here is already on the learner’s transcript.
  • It cannot be turned off at this point.