Support for Extended Options​

Extended Options is a powerful feature within the vILT module that requires separate self-enablement per MS Teams vendor, not enabled by default. The key features of Extended Options are as follows:

  • Accessing Extended Options - The list of extended options is conveniently available through the Session Extended Options Link.
  • Admin Control - Administrators can turn each extended option on and off based on specific needs.
  • Instructor Insights - Instructors can easily view meeting behavior and settings aligned with the integrated extended options.

To use Extended Options, Please ensure the vILT Extended Options are enabled for the MS Teams provider. To do it, go to ILT > Vendors & Instructors > Select the MS Teams vendor.

Extended Options allow customers to define and modify settings for each meeting, tailoring them to their unique requirements. The available Extended Options are:

  • Allow Attendee To Enable Camera
  • Allow Attendee To Enable Mic
  • Allowed Presenters
  • Allow Meeting Chat
  • Allow Teamwork Reactions
  • Lobby Bypass Settings
    • IsDialInBypassEnabled
    • Lobby Bypass Scope
  • Record Automatically
  • Watermark Protection
    • Is Enabled For Content Sharing
    • Is Enabled for Video
  • Attendance Calculation