Enhancements to Ability to Revert ILT Sessions inside Curricula Use Cases

Use Case 1: Recalculating curriculum completion dates when a session is reverted and the curriculum remains completed

Suppose a curriculum is completed, and the last completed training amongst child trainings is a session. Upon reverting that session, if another session was completed and is now mapped to the curriculum, the curriculum completion date is recalculated to consider the new session completion date and other child training completion dates.


  • Two “Leadership Workshop” sessions were attended. One was completed on October 1st, and another on December 18th.
  • The “Leadership Workshop” is contained in the “Leadership Excellence” curriculum.
  • The other child training in the “Leadership Excellence” curriculum was completed on November 15th.
  • Therefore, the “Leadership Excellence” curriculum has a December 18th completion date.
  • When the December 18th “Leadership Workshop” session is reverted, the completion for the October 1st session is credited to the curriculum.
  • The curriculum ”Leadership Excellence” will now show a completion date of November 15th (the latest completion date amongst child trainings) and Transcript History will be updated.

Use Case 2: Added Transcript History entry when a session is reverted, and the curriculum is in Approved status.

A curriculum can be assigned in an Approved status with a completed session only if the session is optional. This means that the curriculum contains a section with optional training (for example, 0 of 1 required in the section), and a session is completed as optional training.

With this enhancement, a Transcript History entry is added when a curriculum is in an Approved status and the completed optional session is reverted.


  • The curriculum “New Hire Onboarding” contains two online courses in one section with 2 of 2 required. Another section is created with 0 of 1 required, and an event “Orientation” is added to this section.
  • Jane attends a session for “Orientation” on January 5th.
  • The “New Hire Onboarding” curriculum is assigned to Jane in an Approved status or moves to an Approved status after manager approval
    • Child trainings are not set to auto-register
    • Curriculum is not set to auto-register
  • Suppose Jane’s January 5th session completion is reverted. In that case, the “New Hire Onboarding” curriculum will remain in an Approved status, and there will be an entry in Transcript History noting that the curriculum was reprocessed due to a session revert.

Use Case 3: Delete and retrigger multiple evaluations if a curriculum completion is reverted due to a session being reverted.

Before this Release, when a curriculum completion was reverted due to a session revert, it would delete only one evaluation associated with it, which would be re-triggered upon completing the curriculum again.

If multiple evaluations are associated with a curriculum, all evaluations are deleted and re-triggered upon re-completing the curriculum.


  • The curriculum “New Hire Onboarding” has a level 1 and 2 evaluation enabled.
  • Upon completing the curriculum, “New Hire Onboarding,” both level 1 and level 2 evaluations were completed.
  • Session “Orientation,” contained in the curriculum “New Hire Onboarding,” is reverted, causing the curriculum to move from Completed to In Progress status.
  • Both completed evaluations are deleted and can no longer be reported on
  • When another “Orientation” session is attended, causing curriculum “New Hire Onboarding” to be complete, both level 1 and level 2 evaluation will be re-triggered.