Curriculum 2.0 (EA) - Feature Breakdown

The Curriculum Player 2.0 (Milestone 4) comes with the following key features:

  • A new, improved UI and UX with color-coordinated indicators for completed and past-due training.
  • Support for Online Content (OCLO), Observation Checklists, Forms.
  • Saving user context (which training the learner was last on) when re-launching a curriculum.
  • Support for manager and administrator actions when viewing a learner’s curriculum.

New, improved UI and UX​

  • New icons to denote different training types.
  • Color-coordinated indicators to express when training is completed (green checkmark) or past due (red exclamation point).
  • Info icon for section instructions.
  • Tags that denote how many trainings are required per section.
  • A new modal that displays curriculum description upon launching a curriculum.

Support for Online Content

  • The new player now supports subscription-based Online Content (OCLO).

Support for Observation Checklists

  • Observation Checklists are now supported in the new player.
  • Checklist contents are displayed inline.
  • Clicking ‘View Checklist’ or ‘Validate Checklist’ redirects users to the existing UI to complete validation.

Support for Forms

  • Forms can be completed and submitted inline in the new player.

Saving User Context

  • Upon re-launching a curriculum, the last training that the learner accessed will be opened by default.

Manager and Admin Action Support

  • Managers and Admins can now view learner’s curricula and see relevant transcript actions.
  • Support for ‘Record Observation’ action that redirects observers to the observation checklist verifier page.
  • Support for ‘Review’ action for tests that redirects to the test attempt page, where admins can manage attempts.
  • Ability to mark training as Exempt using a fly-out.