Position Management - View Employee Assignment

Use the Employee Assignment section to view and assign an active user to a Position.

To view employee assignments:

  1. On the Positions tab, select the appropriate Position.
  2. Locate the Employee Assignment section.

Overview Area

The overview area displays information for employee assignments divided by Assigned Employees (Current), Planned Assignments (Future), and Incumbent History (Past). Select an arrow to see specific details.

Add Employee Assignment Button

Select Add Employee Assignment to add new assignments.

Employee Assignment Table

The Employee Assignment table contains the following information:

  • Effective Date - The Effective Date of position-employee assignment.
  • End date - The unassign date of the position-employee assignment.
  • Incumbent - The name of the assigned employee.
  • Current Status - The current status of the assigned employee. Options are Active or Inactive.
  • Primary Incumbent -Whether this is the primary incumbency of this position. Options are Yes or No.
  • Primary Position - Whether this is the primary incumbency of the employee. Options are Yes or No.
  • FTE Utilized By Employee In This Position - Full-time equivalent (FTE) of position-employee assignment. Decimal value between 0.00000 and 1.00000. Default value is 1.00000.
  • Notes - Notes on the position-employee assignment.