Position Management - Manage Organizational Unit Assignments

Use the Organizational Units tab to add, edit, and delete organizational units assignments for a Position.

To access the Organizational Units tab:

  1. Select the Positions tab.
  2. Select the appropriate Position Title.
  3. In the Organizational Structure section, select the Organizational Units tab.

Add an Organizational Unit Assignment

To add an organizational unit assignment:

  1. Select Add unit Assignment.
  2. On the Add Unit Assignment screen, complete the following:
    • Effective Date - The date the position-unit assignment starts.
    • Unassign Date - The end date of the position-unit assignment.
    • Unit - The name of the organizational unit for this position.
    • Notes - Additional information. Notes appear in the overview section.
  3. Select Add. The unit assignment is added to the Position and appears in the table.

Edit a Unit Assignment

To edit an organizational unit, select Edit for the appropriate unit assignment, edit the appropriate fields, and select Save.

Delete a Unit Assignment

To delete an organizational unit assignment, select Delete for the appropriate unit assignment, and select Confirm on the confirmation panel.