Position Management - Manage Job Status

Use the Job Status and FTE Information section to manage Job Status and view FTE information.

You can perform the following tasks:

  • Add Job status
  • Edit Job status
  • Delete Job status

Manage Job Status

  1. Select the Jobs tab and search for or select the appropriate job.
  2. In the Job Status and FTE Information section, select the Job Status tab.

Add Job Status

To add Job status:

  1. Select Add Job Status.
  2. Complete the following fields:
    • Effective Date - The effective date of the job status.
    • Active - The status. If checked, this Job is active; if unchecked, this Job is deactivated.
    • Notes: Additional information related to this status.
  3. Select Add. The job status information is visible in the overview area and the Job Status table.

Edit Job Status

Select the Edit link, make the appropriate changes, and select Save.

Delete Job Status

Select the Delete link. You cannot delete a job status with a Current status type or if it is the only item in the table.