New Matrix Setting to Track the Latest Version of Training

When creating a people matrix from scratch, a Track latest version of the training option is now available on the Select Training step. When this checkbox is selected, any time a learning object in the matrix is updated, reversioned, and assigned to users, the people matrix displays the completion status of the latest training version assigned to the user.

This option applies to all of the training in the matrix. When this option is selected, the matrix is only updated if the training is reversioned and assigned to users. If the training is versioned but not assigned to the user, then the matrix is not updated. As a result, if training is reversioned and only assigned to some users, the matrix could include a user who is on target for completing version 1 of the training and another user who is off target for not completing version 2 of the same training.

In the matrix, users can hover over the training status to view the version of the training that is currently used. If this checkbox is not selected, only the current training version will be used in the matrix, even when the training is reversioned.

To create a People Matrix, go to Skills > People Matrix.

  • If no matrices have been created yet, then select the Get Started button.
  • If at least one matrix has been created, then select the Create New button.

To edit a People Matrix, go to Skills > People Matrix. Select the appropriate matrix. From the People Matrix, select the Options menu and select Edit Matrix.