Create Custom Matrices from Capability Models

When creating a people matrix from scratch, a Select skills from a capability model drop-down is now available on the Select Skills step. When a user selects a capability model from this drop-down, the skills and targets are retrieved from the model and added to the matrix.

Multiple capability models can be selected. If a skill has multiple targets, the highest target is used.

When a model is selected, the audience is not carried into the matrix.

A Capability Model column is added to the Select Skills page to indicate whether the skill was added from a capability model or ad hoc. If the skill was added from a capability model, the name of the capability model is displayed. If a skill is present in multiple models, the Capability Model column displays the most recently added model. The matrix is not automatically updated when a capability model is updated. When editing a matrix, an alert is displayed if the selected skills and targets do not match the capability model, and users can re-add the model to use the latest version.

To create a People Matrix, go to Skills > People Matrix.

  • If no matrices have been created yet, then select the Get Started button.
  • If at least one matrix has been created, then select the Create New button.

To edit a People Matrix, go to Skills > People Matrix. Select the appropriate matrix. From the People Matrix, select the Options menu and select Edit Matrix.