TimeKO Integration - Send Ad Hoc SMS to Candidates

This functionality is available with the December 1 patch.

TimeKO by LINKAVIE, provides best-in-class solutions to facilitate communication with candidates and employees by sending mass text messages and getting real-time categorized positive or negative answer. ​

With this release, Cornerstone integrates with TimeKO to provide customers an efficient ad hoc messaging and communication solution.

Once enabled, the TimeKo icon appears on the Manage Candidates page. Clicking the icon opens the extension.

Key Features

  • Multi-channel communication solution for candidates and employees.​
  • Bulk SMS dispatch with automatic categorization of responses. ​
  • Schedule messages to send reminders to candidates or employees.​


  • Customers must use Chrome or Firefox to access ATS.
  • Customers must be a TimeKO customer to use this integration.


Contact TimeKO at contact@linkavie.com to get quotes and guidelines to integrate this solution.​