Feature Activation Preferences - User Interface Modifications Activation

All UI preferences are enabled automatically in Stage environments on October 18. All UI preferences can be enabled in Production environments by customers through Feature Activation. The following pages are enabled with a single preference:

  • ILT Events and Session Administration
  • Materials Administration
  • Course Catalog Administration
  • Curricula Administration
  • Deep Link Administration
  • Training Request Approval

ILT Roster, Test Engine Administration, and Certification Administration are enabled with individual preferences.

To activate the UI modifications through Feature Activation, go to Admin > Tools > Learning > Learning Preferences > Feature Activation Preferences. In the User Interface Modifications section, click Activate.

If necessary, the preference can be deactivated to revert back to the legacy user interface. However, the user must log out, then log in for the change to take effect.

Note:The UI modifications for Materials Administration, Deep Link Administration, Training Request Approval, ILT Events and Session Administration, Course Catalog Administration, Curricula Administration, ILT Roster, Certification Administration, Test Administration were previously released with July '23 release. Customers who had already enabled the above-mentioned UI modifications in July via feature activation will see the UI modifications of November '23 in production automatically. Customers who never enabled the UI modifications from July '23 releases will continue to see the old legacy user interface. Customers can also revert back to legacy UI by deactivating feature preferences.