SF-182 Enhancements for Approvals and Completions

Prior to this enhancement, any edits or completions that resulted in incomplete workflows for approved and completed SF-182 forms could impact the funding approval and the documentation of the completion of required training hours.

With this enhancement, when editing an approved SF-182 form, the approvers can allow a learner to edit the approved form. The learners allowed to edit can re-submit the form while maintaining the existing approvals.

The key features of this enhancement are:

  • A prompt is generated while editing an approved form to determine if a learner can edit the SF-182 form.​
  • The learners can edit an approved SF-182 form without impacting the completion workflow.​
  • Marking the SF-182 forms as complete from the training details finishes the completion workflow process.

How Does this Enhancement Benefit My Organization?

  • The SF-182 forms are configurable by division to allow editing of approved and completed forms without resulting in incomplete workflows.
  • Saves time by enabling approvers to mark SF-182 forms complete from the training details page.
  • The learners who can edit the SF-182 forms can provide additional information or make corrections.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


This functionality is automatically enabled for all organizations using the Learning module.


The following existing permissions apply to this functionality:

SF-182 Administration Grants ability to view SF-182 requests for populations of users (based on constraints), approve SF-182 forms at any step of the process, and view the link for managing SF-182 specific vendors for their organization. (Governmental clients). This is an administrator permission. Limited Use/Obsolete
SF-182 Requests - Manage

Grants ability to view SF-182 requests for a population of users based on constraints.

If this permission is added to the dynamic Manager security role, the permission will automatically be constrained to self and subordinates. If the SF-182 approver is a manager and should not be constrained to just self and subordinates, please create a separate security role and add the SF-182 Requests Manage permission to that role with any needed constraints.

Limited Use/Obsolete
SF-182 Requests - Complete

Grants ability to mark complete SF-182 requests for a population of users based on constraints (e.g., managers can complete requests of their subordinates, etc.).

This permission can be constrained by the following: User Self and Subordinates, User's Subordinates, User's Division, User's Corporation, User's Position, User's Grade, User's Cost Center, User's Location, User's Group, User Custom OUs​, Division, Position, Grade, Cost Center, Location, Group, Custom OUs, Self Registration Groups, User's Self Registration Groups.

Limited Use/Obsolete