Metadata Preservation for​ Content Subscriptions and Integrations​

Prior to this enhancement, customers would not receive updates to course metadata such as Title, Description, Keywords, and localizations to those fields to prevent manual changes from being overwritten by updates from their content subscriptions and integrations.

With this enhancement, the “CDS Block Metadata Updates” setting allows customers to choose whether to allow overwrites or to preserve manual changes made to the course metadata when the updates to a course are available from the Course Provider. The default setting enables course updates from your content subscriptions and integrations to flow into your CSX portal.

How Does this Enhancement Benefit My Organization?

Administrators can now choose between either of the two configurations given below:

  • Administrators can receive corrections and improvements to course metadata when they receive course updates from content providers or
  • Administrators can confidently customize the Title, Description, and Keywords (and any localizations associated with those fields) without fear of their changes being overwritten when course updates are received.
    • This requires customers to opt out and request the setting “CDS Block Metadata Updates” = TRUE


  • Customers who wish to continue preserving metadata changes they have made on their portal should contact Global Customer Support before November 9, 2023.
  • Title, Description, and Keywords are the only metadata fields preserved when the “CDS Block Metadata Updates” setting is enabled. All other metadata fields will be overwritten even with the setting enabled.
  • Subjects are never overwritten. Subjects from CDS course updates are appended to the existing Subjects in the portal.
  • The setting applies to both Online Courses and Online Content.
  • The LinkedIn Learning integration is not affected by this change. This integration uses an older delivery system, not CDS.


This functionality is available for all organizations using the Learning module.

The “CDS Block Metadata Updates” setting will be turned off (= FALSE) by default (allowing the latest Course Metadata to flow to the portal). To enable this functionality, contact Global Customer Support.