Learning Assignment Tool - Relative Recurrence Enhancement (General Availability)

Prior to this enhancement, when the users did not meet the recurrence date criteria for dynamically recurring Learning Assignments, the training assignments were not assigned to the users even if they met the assignment criteria later, affecting overall compliance.

With this enhancement, if dynamically recurring Learning Assignments have the recurrence date set as “Relative” or “Annually,” the Learning Assignment Tool (LAT) assigns the training to users who have surpassed the recurrence date criteria of dynamic assignments but still satisfy the training assignment criteria. The enhancement also enables Learning Assignments to search for all users who have missed the recurrence date of training in the past.



How Does this Enhancement Benefit My Organization?

  • Administrators can ensure that the users comply with the dynamically recurring Learning Assignments, thus reducing additional overhead to create another training assignment if a recurrence is missed.
  • The users are later assigned the trainings even if they miss the training assignments because of surpassing the recurrence date criteria, thus maintaining overall compliance.

Use Cases

Amy was inactive during the defined recurrence date (on the 90th day). Prior to this enhancement, Amy would be skipped by dynamically recurring Learning Assignments. But now, upon re-entering the training assignment criteria, she will be assigned as per the current dynamic recurrence settings.


  • The enhancement only applies to Dynamic Recurring Learning Assignments with a daily processing frequency.

  • Inactive Dynamic Learning Assignments are out of scope, but later, when the Learning Assignment becomes active, it will be considered for recurrence.
  • Catching up with past users who missed Dynamic recurring Learning Assignments may take some time based on the initial load on the system. For example, if the initial user load is high, missed users will get the training assigned over the span of 2-3 days.
  • The recurrence is assigned to the users under the following scenarios:

    • If a learner is on leave during the assignment recurrence, they will be assigned the recurrence upon their return.
    • If a learner leaves a group associated with the assignment during the assignment recurrence, they will be assigned the recurrence if they return to the group associated with the assignment.
    • If the Cornerstone system is down during an assignment recurrence, the users will be assigned the recurrence next time the assignment is scheduled to run.
  • If the following scenario occurs, the user will be associated with the learning assignment but will not be assigned the recurrence:
    • A user has completed training that was assigned via Edge Import or Express Class, etc. The user is then assigned training with recurrence via the Learning Assignment Tool but the Recurrence Date is before the Learning Assignment Tool Association Date.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


This functionality is automatically enabled for all organizations in Stage portals on October 18 and Production portals on November 17.


The following existing permissions apply to this functionality:

Assignment Tool - Dynamic Reassignment Grants ability to enable/disable Dynamic Re-assignment for an assignment after submission. When Dynamic Re-assignment is enabled, users that meet the User Criteria again (after previously being dynamically removed) are re-assigned. This permission is dependent on the Assignment - Standard, Dynamic - Standard and Dynamic, and Dynamic Assignment - Standard and Dynamic - Recurrence permissions. This permission cannot be constrained. This is an administrator permission. Learning - Administration
Assignment Tool Preferences Grants access to Assignment Tool Preferences where an administrator can activate the new Assignment Tool and configure the processing options and settings to create Learning Assignments. This permission cannot be constrained. This is an administrator permission. Learning - Administration