Create Tool Enhancements - Add Collaborators

Prior to this enhancement, all the users with access to create content could edit any content irrespective of who created it. It resulted in a lack of governance for organizations with multiple users creating content.

With this enhancement, the content authors can limit editing capabilities on their content and collaborate only with the chosen users.

Some key features of this enhancement are as follows:

  • As a content author, add collaborators from the existing Create Tool user base to your content.
  • As a collaborator, edit the content in a separate view.
  • The administrators can continue to edit or manage all contents for better governance while retaining authenticity.

Design Note: The Create Tool User Interface (UI) has been updated with this enhancement to add collaborators.

How to add collaborators

  • On the Create Tool landing page, under the Built by me tab, click collaborators.

  • In the Assign Collaborators window, add collaborators from a list of users.

  • As a collaborator, edit content by going to the Shared with me section.

  • Administrators with the 'Create Tool Admin' permission can edit and manage all the content created by the users within an organization.

Note: You can add, remove, and view collaborators by clicking collaborators.


  • All users with the existing Create Tool permission continue to have access to the Create Tool feature. However, the editing rights are limited to the content they created, with the ability to add collaborators.​
  • Users must access Create Tool at least once to appear in the ‘Assign Collaborator’ list.​
  • The new permission 'Create Tool Admin' allows administrators to edit or manage content created by all users.


Upon release, this functionality is automatically enabled in production environment for all organizations using Create Tool. This functionality is not available during User Acceptance Testing (UAT).


The following new permission applies to this functionality:

Create Tool Admin Grants the administrators access to Create Tool. Administrators must also have the Create Tool permission. Administrators can manage content created by anyone in the organization. This permission cannot be constrained. Learning

The following existing permissions apply to this functionality:

Create Tool Grants access to Create Tool for content authoring. This permission cannot be constrained. Learning - Administration

Security Role

Upon release, the new Create Tool Admin permission is automatically granted to the default System Administrator role. This permission cannot be constrained.