Auto-Completion of Videos Enhancements​ (Early Adopter)

Prior to this enhancement, videos required the users to manually click ‘Mark Complete’ to complete training after watching a video.

This enhancement allows videos to auto-complete without any user involvement after the user has watched the entire video. The enhancement supports auto-completion for standalone videos and videos within curricula. When enabled, the auto-completion logic applies to all existing and new videos.

Enabling this functionality removes the ‘Mark Complete’ button from the following areas to maintain consistency:

  • The ellipsis menu on the user transcript page.

  • The Learning Details page when the video is already on the learner’s transcript.

  • The “Continue Learning” carousel and training side panel in the Learner Home.

We have also added a supporting text under the video player to inform learners that the video automatically marks as complete once watched until the end. The text message displays standalone videos and is localized based on the learner’s display language.​

How Does this Enhancement Benefit My Organization?

  • Reduces data inconsistencies caused by users not marking videos as completed or preemptively marking videos as completed.
  • The Managers and Instructors can be confident about users being fully trained on video content.
  • It creates a frictionless experience where the user is not required to mark the videos as complete after watching.


  • This is a portal-wide setting. When enabled, the auto-completion logic applies to all existing and new videos. It cannot be configured separately for individual videos.
  • This enhancement encompasses both standalone videos and videos within curricula. (Curriculum Player 2.0 is currently not in scope).
  • Videos in Programs and Cohorts are excluded and must be manually marked as complete.
  • This enhancement does not prevent fast-forwarding.
  • The percentage viewed to achieve a completion cannot be configured. Once the video's progress time in the progress bar reaches the video duration, the video is automatically marked as complete.
  • This enhancement does not include video auto-completions within the Cornerstone CSX app.


This functionality is automatically enabled in Stage portals for all organizations using the Learning module and needs activation in Pilot and Production portals. To activate, go to ADMIN > TOOLS > LEARNING > LEARNING PREFERENCES > FEATURE ACTIVATION PREFERENCES. In the Activate Video Auto-Completion section, click ACTIVATE. If the video auto-completion functionality is already enabled, no activation is required for these enhancements.


The following existing permissions apply to this functionality:

Learning Features Self Activation Grants access to the Feature Activation Preferences page, where an administrator can activate new features associated with Learning, Connect and Extended Enterprise. Learning - Administration