Ability to Revert ILT Sessions Inside Curricula (Early Adopter)

Prior to this enhancement, there was no way to revert ILT session completions if the ILT had a relationship to pre-work, post-work, prerequisites, programs and cohorts, certifications, or curricula. The erroneous completion of such ILT sessions could result in a compliance breach.

With this enhancement, the administrators can revert ILT session completions where the ILT is part of one or more curricula.​

The enhancement comes with the following functionalities:

  • The revert option is displayed on the roster if the session is part of one or more curricula.​
  • A revert confirmation message is prompted before submitting a revert request.​
  • The Revert Status column displays the current status of the revert.​
  • A new filter on the roster page to show only Reverted users.​
  • A new security permission to restrict which administrators can revert curricula-related sessions.​
  • The updated curriculum transcript history shows curriculum updates caused by a reverted session.

How Does this Enhancement Benefit My Organization?

  • Reverting a session completion where the session is part of one or more curricula triggers the curriculum to recalculate progress.
  • Ensures data accuracy of employees if a session completion was submitted in error.
  • The revert actions are audited in the learner’s transcript history.
  • The learners can see the updated curriculum progress, transcript status, and transcript history when a session marked as attended in error is reverted.
  • It enhances the administrator's application usability by creating a flexible environment.

Use Case

Session A and Curriculum A were completed. When Session A is reverted, Curriculum A will move from ‘’Completed’ to 'In Progress,' and the curriculum completion progress will be recalculated. An entry in Transcript History will be added to note the session revert and curriculum reprocessing.


  • This enhancement only supports the ability to revert a session completion where sessions are part of the curricula. It does not revert ILT session completions if the ILT relates to prework, postwork, prerequisites, programs, cohorts, or certifications.​
  • Suppose a learning object inside a curriculum had moved from ‘Pending Prior Training’ to another status because the session was completed. In that case, the learning object does not move back to ‘Pending Prior Training’ and retains its current status.​
  • If a curriculum is removed, the session revert is allowed, and the removed curriculum is reprocessed to support the restored curriculum to the learner.​
  • An inactive curriculum can be reverted. If the session is part of three curricula, one inactive and two active, all three curricula will be reprocessed.​ Please also note that if an inactive curriculum is on the Archived tab due to transcript preference rules or being manually moved, the inactive curriculum will remain on the Archived tab even if the ILT session is reverted.​
  • Reverting a session that is part of a curriculum may not always result in a transcript status change or progress percentage change for a curriculum. It depends on the setup and progress of the curriculum.
  • Curricula that are in a status of ‘Completed Equivalent’ or ‘Exempt’ can not be reverted. If the session is part of 4 curricula, and 1 has a transcript status of ‘Completed Equivalent,’ and the other three have a status of ‘Completed,’ the Revert option on the Roster will not be available.​
  • Curricula with a transcript status of ‘Pending Completion Signature,’ ‘Pending Evaluation,’ ‘Pending Acknowledgement,’ or ‘Pending Completion Approval’ are considered valid statuses. If these curricula are reverted, they may have a change in transcript status. Any related emails or approval requests are updated based on the transcript status change.
  • If a completed curriculum has associated points or badges, then a session revert inside the curriculum is not supported. However, if the curriculum is not completed and has associated points or badges, then a session revert inside the curriculum is supported.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


This functionality is automatically enabled on Stage for all organizations using the Learning module.

The availability of this functionality in Pilot and Production is controlled by a feature activation setting. To activate, go to Admin > Tools > Learning > Learning Preferences > Feature Activation Preferences. In the Allow Revert for Sessions which are part of Curricula section, click Activate.


The following new permission applies to this functionality:

Roster - Revert Sessions Inside Curricula Grants the ability to revert instructor led training session rosters that are completed. This permission works in conjunction with Roster - Manage and Roster - View permissions and supports reverting sessions that are part of one or more curricula. This is an administrator permission. Learning - Administration

Security Role

Upon release, the new Roster - Revert Sessions Inside Curricula permission is automatically granted to the default System Administrator role. Administrators must grant this permission with the appropriate constraints to other roles, if necessary.