Critical Skills Progress Tracking Flyout

The Critical Skills Progress Tracking flyout displays a user's proficiency in their critical skills over time. Users and managers can view this information in chart or table format.

To view the Critical Skills Progress Tracking flyout, go to Home > Universal Profile. Then, click the Skills tab and view your skills profile. In the Critical Skills section, select the Heartbeat icon to view proficiency progress.

To access another user's Universal Profile - Bio page, select the user's photograph from any Universal Profile or Global Search page. From there, you can access the user's Skills Profile page by clicking the Skills tab.

Toggle Between Formats

To toggle between the chart and table format, select the appropriate icon in the upper-right corner of the page.

Select or Deselect Skills

By default, the user's top five critical skills are displayed.

To change which skills are included in the graph, select or deselect the appropriate skills in the Skills section on the left.

Chart Format

The key below the chart indicates which color corresponds to each skill.

Users can hover their cursor over a point on the graph to view the overall rating percentage

Table Format

The Skills Assessment column indicates whether the skill is strengthened, weakened, or if there is no progress over the selected time frame.