Reporting 2.0 - User and Training Flyouts Start with Empty Search

Before this enhancement, the user/organizational unit (OU) and training flyouts loaded the entire list of users/OUs and training to select from, which resulted in large amounts of data being loaded and displayed.

With this enhancement, when initially opened, the user and training flyouts no longer display full data lists to improve page load times. Instead, the flyouts load without prepopulated results to provide a clean interface that dynamically updates and displays only the selected information. Users are required to input search parameters to initiate the search process. When a user has selected or saved information for the flyout, the selected information is displayed when accessing it again.

This enhancement applies to user and training flyouts in filter and filter properties of the report designer page and to the user flyout while sharing and scheduling the report from the landing page and the report designer.

The experience when selecting an OU from the flyout is unchanged; the entire list will load once an OU type is selected from the Org Unit picker in the flyout.


This functionality is automatically enabled for all organizations.