Reporting 2.0 - Shared Reports Filter Behavior

Before this enhancement, when a report owner shared a report with a user who lacked the necessary permissions for fields used in filters, the shared user gained access to more data than intended. Note: Users have never been able to see more than their permissions and constraints allow.

With this enhancement, the shared user only has visibility into data that strictly aligns with the filters applied by the report owner. This applies to reports that are created after the release. Existing reports will continue to behave as-is.

This enhancement applies to custom fields availability and all fields in the Special permissions category, including User Upload - Ethnicity, User Upload - Gender, and Grades - View.

This enhancement has the following impact on shared users:

  • Filter names for restricted fields are visible but non-interactive, with associated filter values and operators hidden and grayed out.
  • Shared users cannot edit or modify these filters, regardless of whether they have view or edit report sharing permissions.
  • Shared users can delete these filters if they have edit permissions on the shared report.
  • Restricted field filter names display in Report Designer Preview, Report Viewer, and downloaded files, while filter values remain hidden and greyed out.


This functionality is automatically enabled for all organizations.