Track Training in People Matrix

When Qualification Mode is enabled for People Matrices, managers can add the critical training necessary to succeed in the team and track the team's progress for this training in the people matrix.

To create a people matrix with training included, go to Skills > People Matrix. Select the Get Started or Create New button. From the flyout, select the Create New button.

Note: Training cannot be added when creating a people matrix from a template.

Select Trainings

A Select Trainings step is available when Qualification Mode is enabled for People Matrices. This step is optional.

Select any training that should be tracked in the people matrix. The selected training will be displayed in the people matrix along with each person's training status. This enables managers to easily track each team member's status regarding the critical training.

Managers can only search for and select training if the manager is within the availability of the training.

People Matrix - Trainings Tab

When training is added to a people matrix, the training is displayed on the Trainings tab within the matrix. Matrix viewers can select the Trainings and Skills tabs to view the other tab.

When viewing the Trainings tab, the user's training status is displayed for each training. When training is added to the matrix, it is assumed that the target is for users to complete the training. If the training is not complete, the training is considered off-target. The training status is simplified to the following four statuses: Completed, Not Started, Not Assigned, and N/A.

The Overall Skill and Training Score displays each user's cumulative score, including their skill assessments and training completion.

If the user has not been assigned the training, an Assign link is displayed in the corresponding column for the user. Managers can select this link to assign the training to the user.

Managers can hover over the training status for a particular user to open the Learning Details page for the user's training.

Managers can select the menu icon for a user to access the user's Skills Profile or Transcript.

People Matrix - Trainings Tab - Filters

When the Trainings tab is selected, the following options are available in the Filters flyout:

  • Trainings - From the drop-down, select a specific training title included in the matrix. Choosing a training will display only the selected training in the matrix.
  • Status - This option is only available if a specific training is selected from the Trainings drop-down menu. Select a radio button for a status to view only users who are in the selected training status for the selected training.

People Matrix - Export

When the people matrix is exported, any training added to the matrix is included in the export, including Training Title, Training Type, and Training Status.