Create People Matrix - Use a Template

Capability Models define the skills employees should have to succeed in their roles, and the ideal proficiency level they should attain.

With this release, administrators and managers can create a People Matrix using a Capability Model as a template. This pre-populates the people matrix with the settings from the capability model, including the appropriate set of users, the relevant skills, and the corresponding ratings.

To create a people matrix from a capability model, go to Skills > People Matrix. Select the Get Started or Create New button. Select Use a template.

Capability Model

From the drop-down, select the capability model to use as the template for the people matrix. This drop-down includes all active models sorted alphabetically.

Select default rating source

Select which rating source should be used to display ratings in the matrix. The following options are available:

  1. Latest Manager Rating
  2. Latest Peer Rating
  3. Latest Self Rating
  4. Declarations Only
  5. Predicted Proficiency Rating - This option displays each user's predicted proficiency for the skills on the matrix. A user's predicted proficiency rating is an amalgamation of all declared ratings for the user (Self, Manager, and Peers) and their skill level that can be inferred from their years of experience in the role. If no value is displayed, it may mean there is no rating history for the skill, or the skill is not generally associated with the role. If a rating is added, a score will be computed and displayed.

Add a title to your matrix

Enter a name for your matrix, up to 200 characters. The matrix name should reflect the purpose of the matrix. The name will be displayed on the People Matrix Homepage and the People Matrix page.

Add a description

Enter a description to explain the purpose of the matrix, up to 1,000 characters.


After configuring the matrix, select the Save button. The matrix is populated using the settings defined in the selected competency model. You are unable to modify the users or skills displayed in the matrix.

The first 1000 users in the competency model availability are included in the matrix.

  • If the model has no defined availability, the first 1000 users in the viewer's constraints are included.
  • If the model has no defined availability and the user has no constraints, the first 1000 users in the organization are included.