Edit Group - Preview and Save Draft

When enabled, administrators editing a group now have the option to preview the group membership before saving criteria changes and the option to save the edited group as a draft before publishing changes.

To edit a Group from the Organizational Unit page, go to Admin > Tools > Core Functions > Organizational Units. Click the Manage Organizational Unit Hierarchy link. From the Select Organizational Unit drop-down list, select Group. Then, select the Edit icon in the Options column.

Group Preview Section

If the Group Preview and Save Draft functionality is activated in Group Preferences, a Group Preview section is available when editing a group. The administrator can preview or save the modified Group as a draft in the Group Preview section.

The Save Draft and Generate Preview options are only available if the Active checkbox is selected and the Freeze Group Processing checkbox is unchecked.

Generate Preview

To preview the modified Group, select the Generate Preview button. The preview processing time varies depending on the criteria, but most previews will process in fewer than three minutes. While the preview is generated, administrators can cancel the preview or save the modified Group as a draft.

When the preview processing is complete, the following information is displayed:

  • Preview Generated - This displays the date and time the preview was processed in the administrator's time zone.
  • Group Members in the Preview - This displays the number of users in the portal who meet the Group Criteria. Administrators can compare this value with the Current Group Membership value to understand the potential impact on the Group if the edits are saved.

Note: The Group Preview includes users who met the Group Criteria when the preview was generated. If the Group is saved, membership will be re-processed, and users who meet the criteria at that time will be included in the Group.

The administrator can select the Search Users link to search for specific users in the preview. When searching for users, an error message is displayed if more than 100 users in the portal meet the search criteria.

It is not possible to view or export the complete preview membership list.

Save Draft

A draft Group can be edited asynchronously while the current Group remains active and regularly processes. The draft Group can later be published to replace the current group.

Select the Save Draft button to save the modified Group as a draft. A pop-up opens with the following options:

  • Save Draft and Generate Preview - Select this option to create a draft with the modified Group Criteria and initiate the Group Preview process for the draft. If a Preview is already underway, the preview continues processing.
  • Save Draft Only - Select this option to create a draft with the modified Group Criteria without generating a preview. If a preview is already underway, the preview continues processing.

After a draft is saved, any administrator with access to the Group can access the draft Group from the Manage Group page for 90 days unless the draft is published or deleted.

Draft Group Options

Draft Groups have the following options:

  • Publish - Select this button to publish the draft Group. The draft replaces the active version of the Group, and the Draft link is removed from the Manage Group page.
  • Delete Draft - Select this button to delete the draft.
  • Save Draft - Select this option to save any changes made to the draft. This replaces the previous draft.

Required Preview Before Saving Edits

Administrators may require a Group preview to be generated whenever the Group Criteria are modified.

When this preference is enabled, the Save and Publish options are disabled when the Group Criteria are modified, and the administrator has not previewed the Group.

When this preference is disabled, administrators are not required to preview the Group membership, but they are prompted to optionally generate a preview of the Group membership when the Group is saved or the draft is published.