Default Email Address Settings - Modification History

With this release, Default Email Address Settings now provide the ability to track changes via Modification history for auditing purposes or to aid in troubleshooting.

Modification history allows administrators to view a detailed record of all edits, updates, and deletions made to a default email address, along with the date and time of each change and the user who made it. There is an option to search the modification history by default email address for quick lookup.


This functionality is automatically enabled for all organizations.

This enhancement previously included overwrite logic to support the process of updating default email addresses that are used in existing emails and templates simply and quickly. The overwrite logic is being removed from the November ’23 Release; timing for the removal of this logic in stage portals is still being determined.


The following existing permission applies to this functionality:

Corporate Preferences - Manage Grants the ability to manage Corporate Preferences, which includes several portal-wide settings. This is an administrator permission. Core Administration