Manage Custom Login Pages

The following enhancements have been made to the Custom Login Pages page:

  • Previously, the Custom Login Pages dashboard had various fonts in use. With this enhancement, the page adopts a consistent font throughout.
  • The dashboard title is now centered for a more refined appearance.
  • The spacing between row values is minimized for a cleaner layout.
  • A new Template column has been added to allow administrators to identify the template applied to each login page easily.
  • When a custom login page is the default page, the Delete link is disabled to prevent administrators from accidentally deleting the default login page.
  • Previously, the Preview screen overlapped with specific controls, making navigating and closing the preview challenging. The Preview screen is redesigned to eliminate these challenges.
  • Previously, there was latency when loading the Custom Login Page dashboard. The underlying processes are optimized, and pagination is added to improve performance.

To manage custom login pages, go to Admin > Tools > Core Functions > Core Preferences > Custom Login Page.