Critical Skills - Display Skill Tags

To provide better context to the user, the Critical Skills table now includes color-coded Skill Tags consistent with other sections of the Skills Profile. The color of the tag indicates the skills status, such as developing, declared, suggested, or hidden.

Users can select the skill tag to view the skill details. Users can take action on the skills with the action menu to the right of the skill name, such as Rate Proficiency, Rate Enjoyment, or Request Feedback.

If a critical skill name is too long to be displayed in the tag, the skill name is truncated. Users can hover over the skill name to view the full skill name.

To access the Skills Profile page, go to Home > Universal Profile. Then, click the Skills tab.

To access another user's Universal Profile - Bio page, select the user's photograph from any Universal Profile or Global Search page. You can access the user's Skills Profile page by clicking the Skills tab.