Move Onboardees to Future Org Units Based on Time Zone​

Prior to this enhancement all new hires were transitioned to their new organizational units (OUs) based on Universal Time Coordinated (UTC). As a result, new hires working in early time zones were unable to access their employee account before mid-day.

With this release, new hire access is based on their future OU location, so they can access their employee account on their first work day.

The system rules for how the user's time zone is defined applies in the following order:

  1. The time zone defined by the Location OU.
  2. If no location is provided, the time zone defined in the Division field for the user by preferred timezone.
  3. If no Location and no Division is defined, the default time zone defined at the top node of time zone preferences is considered.

How Does this Enhancement Benefit My Organization?

New employees can access their Cornerstone profile on their first day and can immediately start any required tasks.

Use Cases

The following use cases provide information about how the system manages onboarding time zones.

Onboarding started Hire date New employees pre-boarding time zone (or current time zone)​ Date and time of transfer
1 July​ ​ 1 August​ GMT -11 1 August, 1:00 AM GMT -11​
1 July​ ​ 1 August​ GMT 1 August, 1:00 AM GMT​
1 July 8am GMT-11​ 1 July​ GMT+8​ 1 July 01:00AM GMT+8​
1 July 8am GMT+8​ 1 July​ GMT -13​ 1 July, at time of action (because GMT-13) is already passed. ​


  • If a user feed is running on the new hire's start date, you may want to adjust your feed so that it is either split by region or runs after all new hires are transferred. If necessary, you can contact Global Customer Support (GCS) to turn off this feature.
  • The time or date of the move to the new OU is determined at the moment of launching onboarding. For this reason, new hires whose onboarding was launched before the release will not be affected.


  • This functionality is automatically enabled for all organizations using the Recruiting module.
  • This functionality can be disabled by contacting Global Customer Support (GCS).


The following existing permissions apply to this functionality:

Start Onboarding

Allows user to start the onboarding process from applicant to employee and view onboarding progress from the Applicant Profile. This permission can be constrained by OU and User's OU.

When using the Start Onboarding option on the Applicant Profile page, recruiters must have the Start Onboarding permission and must be able to access the applicant's profile based on their permission constraints for the associated job requisition.

Employee Onboarding