Deprecation of Data Load Wizard (DLW) Requisition Template Load with the November '23 Release

Update: The Data Load Wizard (DLW) Requisition Template load will not be deprecated with November '23 release. The Requisition Template Status load will be available in Edge Import before deprecating the DLW Requisition Template load.

The ability to perform Requisition Template data loads using DLW will be deprecated with the November ’23 Release. Support for DLW Requisition Template loads, along with the full deprecation will occur with the November ’23 Release. Customers are encouraged to begin using Edge Import for their Requisition Template loads prior to the deprecation.

Data Load Wizard is a legacy data load tool, built on older technology, with limited load type support, a dated user interface (UI), and slow performance. Edge Import addresses these issues with a modern UI and an intuitive workflow that can support a greater number of concurrent loads, while providing administrators with a delightful user experience. Edge Import (EI) offers manual loads and automated scheduled feed abilities.

Deprecation Milestones

Phase 1 - August '22 Release:

  • Introduce Requisition Template Edge Import Load.
  • Support for translation loads.
  • Support all existing fields in EI as supported in DLW.
  • Allow update of Requisition Template through EI even if the template is edited from UI.

Phase 2 – March ‘23 Release:

  • Support updates to templates based on Requisition Template ID along with Requisition Template Reference ID.
  • Allow update to templates from EI for templates created from UI.

Phase 3 – July ’23 Release:

Ÿ Support Feeds for Requisition Template load in Edge Import

Phase 4 – November ’23 Release:

Ÿ Stop support and remove all remaining access to DLW Requisition Template loads.

See Edge Import Fundamentals - System Administrator Training for more information.