User Interface Modifications for Learning Administration Pages (Early Adopter)

This collection of enhancements for the July ’23 release is part of the larger initiative to provide a modern, consistent, improved administrator user experience to our customers. While we are confident that most of our customers will see tremendous value in the new enhancements, we also understand that accelerating the pace of innovation means trying new things, and that means changes we make to our products will not always work for everyone. To that end, we are releasing our new UI enhancements in Early Adopter mode so that you can make sure they are right for your team by taking a test drive in stage before implementing them in production. You can introduce these new features in production via Learning Feature Activation Preferences. If you want to turn off these features and revert back to your prior experience in production or stage, you can disable them.

With this enhancement, the following previously delivered user interfaces (UI) are upgraded:

  • ILT Events and Session Administration
  • ILT Roster
  • Materials Administration
  • Course Catalog Administration
  • Curricula Administration
  • Deep Link Administration
  • Training Request Approval

The enhancement also introduces new pages for the following system areas:

  • Certification Administration
  • Test Engine Administration

With these interface changes, no functionality changes are included. No functionality is added or removed.

Many of the frequently used learning administration pages use outdated design principles where administrators may be unclear about the actions. Therefore, we have introduced a new user interface design for the frequently used learning administration pages to improve the look and feel and make the actions on these pages clearer. All the updates were done based on customer feedback. The key features of the new UI are:

  • Reduced scrolling
  • Optimize the use of white space
  • Clear actions
  • Placement of field descriptions and field values

Feature Guide

Click here to download the User Interface Modifications for CSX Learning Guide.


We have incorporated changes to our designs based on customer feedback. The areas for which we received consistent feedback were table grids, zooming, and wrapping. For the July 2023 release, we have incorporated some changes to the Curricula Administration pages that allow a horizontal scrolling bar to appear with lower resolutions and zooming. Please review the changes to the Curricula Administration page and share your feedback. We have not implemented this for all the new and updated pages and we would like your feedback on this as implemented in the Curricula Administration pages.

Example of Curricula Administration with Horizontal Scrolling in higher resolution

Example of Curricula Administration with Horizontal Scrolling in lower resolution

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


All pages are automatically enabled in stage portals on June 21. Activation is required in production portals for all organizations using the Learning module. Customers who have activated the previously released pages in production will continue to see these pages with new changes applied.

Note: The UI modifications for Materials Administration, Deep Link Administration, Training Request Approval, ILT Events and Session Administration, Course Catalog Administration, and Curricula Administration were previously released with November '22 release. Similarly, the ILT Roster UI modification was previously released with March '23 release. Customers who had already enabled the above-mentioned UI modifications in November and March via feature activation will see the UI modifications of July '23 in production automatically. Customers who never enabled the UI modifications from November '22 and March '23 releases will continue to see the old legacy user interface. Customers can also revert back to legacy UI by deactivating feature preferences.


The following existing permissions apply to this functionality:

Learning Features Self Activation Grants access to the Feature Activation Preferences page, where an administrator can activate new features associated with Learning, Connect and Extended Enterprise. Learning - Administration