New UI - Training Request Approval

With this enhancement, the Training Request Approval pages are upgraded with a new user interface. With these interface changes, no functionality changes are included.

To activate the new Training Request Approval UI modifications, administrators can go to ADMIN > TOOLS > LEARNING > LEARNING PREFERENCES > FEATURE ACTIVATION PREFERENCES. In the User Interface Modifications section, click ACTIVATE.

Activation will update the user interface for Materials Administration, Deep Link Administration, Training Request Approval, ILT Events and Session Administration, Course Catalog Administration, and Curricula Administration. Deactivation will revert back to legacy user interface.

If activated, the new UI appears for the following:

  • Training Request Approval page accessed via the Inbox Widget or via the Standard Report - Track Employees - Pending Requests
  • Modals that appear when clicking on the Training Title for each approval request
  • Approve, Deny, or Defer modals
  • Approver and Cost Center delegate and share permissions pages

To access the Training Request Approval page, go to LEARNING > MANAGE EMPLOYEE LEARNING > Manage pending requests.




Clicking on the request by username opens the user's transcript and this page is not included with the Training Request Approval UI modifications.


The following existing permissions apply to this functionality:

Approve Training by Approver Grants ability to approve training requests of those for whom the user is the designated approver. Learning
Approve Training by Cost Center Approver Grants ability to approve training requests of those for whom the user is the designated cost center approver. Learning
Approve Training by Manager

Grants ability to approve training requests of those for whom the user is the designated manager.

Note: Delegating this permission only applies when "Manager" is designated in the Approval Workflow. If the Approval Workflow contains a custom employee relationship - even if the Manager happens to fill that role - the approval will not flow to the delegate.

Employee Transcripts - Manager/Approver Access

Grants access to transcript (training record) screen of those for whom user is designated manager, approver or cost center approver. System administrators can access all user transcripts from this page. Link to this screen appears under Standard Reports/Track Employees. This is a manager/approver permission. This permission can be constrained by Employee Relationship and User's Direct Subordinates.

Note: The Employee Relationship constraint allows administrators to constrain the permission to a user’s custom employee relationship. For example, an administrator can select to restrict the Matrix Manager relationship to viewing user data for users who have that Matrix Manager indicated on their user record.

Note: The User's Direct Subordinates constraint allows administrators to constrain the data that a user can view to only the data for their direct reports. The user will not be able to view their own data with this constraint.

Note: By design, for any Track Employees report permission that is included in the Manager default security role, all of the manager's direct and indirect reports are included in the constraints, even if they are not selected in the permission constraints for the role.

Reports - Track Employee