Learning Administration New UIs Auto Enabled and Legacy UIs Deprecated with the Q3 2024 Release

The new user interface (UI) learning administration pages will be automatically enabled in production, stage, and pilot portals with the Q3 2024 Release and the legacy user interface pages will no longer be available.

What do I need to know?

Cornerstone has introduced a modernized look and feel for the most used learning administration pages. These user interface page changes are currently available for customers to review in the Pilot and Stage and can be self-activated in Production. At the start of User Acceptance testing (June 21) and in preparation for the July ‘23 Release, the new user interface updates for learning administration pages automatically enabled in all customer stage portals. We want to provide customers with time to test, update documentation, and prepare for the adoption of user interface changes.

How can I prepare?

Create a test plan and review the following pages:

If you are using Google Tag Manager, custom scripts, or code on these pages, please test your customizations with the new user interface enabled. If you have custom integrations such as BOTS on these pages, please test your integrations.

We want to hear from you. Your input and feedback will help us continue to deliver what you need for your teams and organizations. Please go to Customer Success Center and search for "Feedback Requested – UI Modifications and Enhancements" to share your feedback.